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Ceramic Glass Cleaning
Mar 07, 2017

Cup in the of tea stains and coffee stains with toothpaste or edible salt cleaning, effect very good, usage: put cup water Shabu about (not left water), then with dry salt or toothpaste in cup wall above rub, again with water flush. salt: regardless of is salt or, or coarse salt also line, are can help we removal Cup Shang of tea stains, we can with finger dip take zhihou, in tea stains above back and forth scrub, not elimination two or three minutes, on will found tea stains magic to disappeared has does! But also not hurt to the body. Orange skin: sometimes meets up with an old scale, how to wash when you brush them clean, how do I do this? Don't worry! Left over lemon may wish to look in the kitchen, or throw away after eating the orange peels! Coffee cups, use lemon slices, or a little bit of vinegar to wipe the glass, coffee pot, we can put lemon slices, wrapped with a cloth on the upper part of the coffee pot, add water to the full. Ways to cook lemons to make coffee and let it drop drops to the bottom of the pot. When the muddy water drops out of the coffee pot, this is evidence of citric acid remove coffee stains. In General, about two coffee maker cleaning can be completed.

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